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Pass your (EMQ/Essay/OSCE/Scholarly Project/ Psychotherapy case) on the first attempt with only six weeks preparation!  

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How to pass your exams?

To pass your exam and acquire your fellowship, you need to gain answering technique, be structured, have the proper knowledge, and have exam skills. We pride ourselves on the value we give to our students in our one-to-one online course that addresses these elements. We found that the high success rates amongst our students are a result of the one-to-one course style and the valuable guidance on the scholarly project and psychotherapy case that we provide in our online course.  

Where is the problem? 

Sometimes, psychiatry registrars do not seek proper coaching or study in the right way, and this results in their failure. We know doctors who gave up their career dreams and continued to work as registrars for many years after repeated failure on the exams and failing to complete the college requirements. According to a recent exam outcome, more than 60% of candidates failed. This happens when trainees do not invest in their career or are afraid to spend money on courses or exams. Sometimes, things are not clear right away, even for experienced doctors. An applicant once wrote in his application that he failed the exam several times before he finally decided to take a course. Compare this to a candidate who passed the exam on the first attempt, because he’d taken a course. Some of our students failed the exam several times before they finally pass after being tutored with us.

Our Course style

The one-to-one online course is focused on trainees and their knowledge. It allows a trainee to receive continuous feedback about their performance and work during sessions, and this helps the trainee develop the right approach to answering questions and completing the college requirements. It covers practical aspects that cannot be achieved by only studying a textbook or studying within a group.


Our experienced tutors address the trainees’ specific needs and the gaps in their knowledge step-by-step through explanation and role playing until they reach the level required to pass the exams. All critical errors are picked and corrected, and all challenging cases are discussed in sessions. Being structured and knowing for what the examiners are looking is also taught in the course. Our tutors are psychiatrists or senior registrars who passed their fellowship examinations with high scores and can pass on their tips and tricks. All the tutors have a track record of tutoring success. 


As we offer our courses online via Skype, we are available for everyone. If a candidate is interstate, lives in a remote area, or cannot attend a face-to-face course because of any duty, s/he can get the same benefits from our Skype personalised courses. You can schedule your sessions with your tutor(s), once assigned, in hours, after hours, or on weekends. You can start your course anytime, once a place has been secured for you. You can also allocate the course hours to the modules with which you need help.  


Our reputation and credibility has earned rare endorsement from governing body of examination in the field. IMG SOS is listed by the Australian Medical Council (AMC) and is recommended by well known organisations. 

Our students’ results are the main reason IMG SOS is a fast-growing company. The success of our students in the exams is what we have been good at doing and what we advertise. Therefore, we care to help you achieve your goal, which is our goal too! 


There are some factors that we do not control, such as a trainee’s motivation, confidence, and diligence. These factors form an important perspective of success. As a matter of fact, a trainee who seeks a course and invests in exam preparation reflects the existence of these factors and signals an obvious success. By reading this course detail letter and looking for a course, we believe you are one of those trainees, who will make it to success, together with our tutoring, guidance, and support.  


We guarantee that our service will meet or exceed your expectations. If you are unhappy with our courses for any reason, you can cancel your enrolment any time before or during the course and receive a refund within 30 days. We will insist on giving you the refund of the hours you cancelled! Therefore, you either walk away with a course with which you are completely satisfied, or you walk away with a refund. There is no way you can lose here.


We offer valuable supporting material that address the exam questions. You can access the material online 24/7.

Enrolment Hints

The sooner you enrol, the more likely you are to secure a spot and avoid any frustration. We do our best to offer every applicant a place in our program. However, this is not always possible due to limited space. Rely on experts when you seek advice or when you start preparing for your exam. When students sign up and take the first few sessions in one of our courses, they appreciate the value added, approach, and answering methodology they learn for the first time. They find that the exam skills and answering techniques they gain with us are different from a day-to-day practice or group courses. No wonder we always receive positive feedback from our students. We currently have 150+ students taking courses with us across various specialities, many of whom have contacted us with success stories. We hope you join us in our program and share with us your success story too!

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Dr. Shaifullah Yoosuflebbe 

Really it was very useful and Dr Lyndal was fantastic. The only thing, I believe we could have started the course earlier and spent more hours with Dr Lyndal. Thanks for the arrangements.  

Dr. Sovan Dey 

Best moment of my career. SOOO Happy. With IMG SOS every exam I have taken I passed. 100% success rate :) Thank you so much for all your support. I get calls from my friends after they find my name on IMG SOS web feedback, asking if IMG SOS is good or not. I always say it is the best help :).  


Dr. Shahroze Khan

Hope you are doing well. I just wanted to let you know that I have passed the exam by a huge score. The passing percentile was 66 and I have got 79. I have applied for the imgsos osce course and hopefully will speak to you guys soon. Many thanks and kind regards.  

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